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µGFX Library 2.9

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About This File

This is the actual µGFX library - the real deal!

The µGFX library is completely free, without any restrictions, for home, hobby & educational use. Please note that you have to purchase license in order to use µGFX in a commercial project or product. Note that these licenses are very affordable and can be purchased directly through our web store. You can find more information about commercial licenses and the available pricing options here: http://ugfx.org/pricing

You can also access the official Git repository if you like to use Git or make contributions via pull requests: https://git.ugfx.io/ugfx/ugfx

What's New in Version 2.8   See changelog


  • Added support for 128x32 SSD1306 based displays
  • Fixed recursion bug in console history
  • Multithreading issue with slow window redraws and large images
  • Ensure valid thread stack sizes on platforms where it matters
  • Added support for a GFILE user provided file system
  • Added gwinListItemSetText() to replace text in a GWIN list item
  • Added GDISP_IMAGE_BMP_BLIT_BUFFER_SIZE configuration option
  • Added GDISP_IMAGE_PNG_BLIT_BUFFER_SIZE configuration option
  • Added GDISP_IMAGE_PNG_FILE_BUFFER_SIZE configuration option
  • Added GDISP_IMAGE_PNG_Z_BUFFER_SIZE configuration option
  • Added GDISP_IMAGE_GIF_BLIT_BUFFER_SIZE configuration option
  • Fixed extra dots when drawing anti-aliased fonts with wordwrap
  • Increase non-UTF8 font support to 0 to 255 rather than just the true ascii set
  • Added Fb24bpp driver for RGB888 and BGR888 packed framebuffer displays
  • Added UC8173 driver
  • Added complete support for Altera Terasic MAX10 NEEK board
  • Significantly improved the FreeRTOS port
  • Added support for operating system initialisation in FreeRTOS
  • Added GFX_OS_CALL_UGFXMAIN configuration option to allow uGFXMain() to be automatically called
  • Added GFX_OS_UGFXMAIN_STACKSIZE configuration option to control uGFXMain() stack size
  • Fixed where a font with more than 255 glyphs could fail to display some glyphs
  • Fixed where a font with a large x baseline could be incorrectly clipped or word-wrapped
  • Significantly decrease the stack usage required for word-wrapping
  • Added justifyTop, justifyMiddle & justifyBottom text justification to GDISP
  • Added justifyWordWrap, justifyNoWordWrap text justification to GDISP (requires GDISP_NEED_TEXT_WORDWRAP)
  • Added justifyPad, justifyNoPad text justification to GDISP
  • Fixed an issue on FreeRTOS where thread stacks were being created too large
  • Added UC1601s driver
  • Fixed issues with the STM746-Discovery board with ChibiOS
  • Added partial definition for the STM32F469i-Discovery board
  • Fixed issue where the variable type of the syncflags of the STM32LTDC driver was too small
  • Added KS0108 driver
  • Added RA6963 driver
  • Fixed clipping issue in gdispGDrawString()
  • Upgrade GFILE FATFS support from V0.10b to V0.13
  • Added UC1610 driver
  • Fixed to allow gwinSetText with static text on a TextEdit control
  • Fixed to ChibiOS realloc on a TextEdit control
  • Added support for CMSIS V2.0 operating systems (eg RTX5)
  • Removed long deprecated functions gfxSemCounter() and gfxSemCounterI()
  • gwinDetachToggle() is now a visible part of the API
  • Update OSX makefiles (allows for 64bit building)
  • Fixed resetting a timer on gwinImage objects when using animated GIFs
  • Added gwinTextEditSendKey() and gwinTextEditSendSpecialKey()
  • Implemented the JPG image decoder
  • Added SSD1322 driver
  • Added support for Zephyr operating system
  • STM32LTDC driver now supports using both layers as seperate displays. The 2nd display is the foreground layer
  • STM32LTDC driver now uses RGB888 pixel format by default
  • Added GDISP_LTDC_USE_RGB565 config variable to force STM32LTDC driver to use RGB565 pixel format
  • The STM32LTDC 2nd display (the foreground layer) supports alpha.
  • The STM32 board files for known boards have been updated to contain support for the 2nd layer.
  • Added AHTML2COLOR() and ARGB2COLOR() to support alpha. This is currently only supported for the RGB888 pixel format.
  • Added the new color GFXTRANSPARENT - only available for RGB888 pixel format on alpha capable displays.
  • Alpha support in RGB888 requies an alpha capable display (STM32LTDC 2nd display only currently)
  • Alpha support in RGB888 is NOT the standard ARGB8888 format. Only use AHTML2COLOR() and ARGB2COLOR() to create alpha colors.
  • Added nullpointer checks to GDISP image functions (with new error code GDISP_IMAGE_ERR_NULLPOINTER)
  • Add cache flushing to the ChibiOS FATFS/PETITFS block drivers. Needed for STM32F7 chips. This should really be in the ChibiOS DMA routines.
  • Add cache flushing to enable DMA2D accelerated bitblits in the STM32LTDC driver on the STM32F7 CPU
  • Improved STM32F469i-Discovery board support
  • Improved STM32F746G-Discovery board support

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Right now I'm trying to understand and evaluate the software. Thanks to all those who are developing and making available to the community for free.

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This library is state-of-the-art software provinding an easy and fast way to integrate graphic displays to your project. It also provides additional drivers for touchscreens devices. Audio input/output modules are included too. Support is great, through community forum and IRC channel. It's free to use for home and hobby applications and commercial licenses have a great price. uGFX supports the more popular boards, display drivers and operational systems or just bare metal applications. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a high modular and lightweight solution.

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Thanks to all the community for provide this for free. Starting to migrate from v2.8. Thanks a lot. Best regards.

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