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  1. Joel Bodenmann

    I2C expander GINPUT

    You'll handle the I2C stuff in the driver's board file just like with GDISP or any other driver stuff in µGFX.
  2. Joel Bodenmann

    I2C expander GINPUT

    You have to write what's called a Toggle driver for the GINPUT module. There's no way to register an IRQ in the upper levels. You'll find information about this on this forum. It's still possible to hack it into the GINPUT driver though.
  3. Joel Bodenmann

    Force a button to render in a pixmap

    Glad to hear that you got it working
  4. Joel Bodenmann

    SSD1306 text not working

    That project will most likely use auto-flushing or timer based flushing which is simply a setting in gfxconf.h.
  5. Joel Bodenmann

    Hide button

    Can you post a screenshot that shows the problem? Also, there are the high-level calls gwinHide() and gwinShow() which you should use. gwinSetVisible() is fine too though, but check the last parameter. You should definitely not manually touch the flags.
  6. Joel Bodenmann

    SSD1306 text not working

    The SSD1306 is a flush-based GDISP driver. The driver maintains a framebuffer itself which needs to be copied to the actual display controller's framebuffer. That operation is called flushing. Try to call gdispFlush() after rendering. You will find configuration options for flushing in the configuration file and more information in this forum.
  7. Joel Bodenmann

    Double buffer style

    Yes, that's possible. With µGFX, almost anything is possible in these regards. You can use a pixmap which is only the size of the button, render the button and then blit the finished one to the actual framebuffer You can also implement full-screen double buffering You can also implement driver level double buffering You can also implement hardware supported double buffering ... What works best (and what's possible) depends on the application, used platform, available resources and so on. There's no general guide to double buffering. In our daily work for customers we use all of the methods above. As always: The right tool for the right job. Each method has different advantages, disadvantages, requirements, complexities and so on. You might also want to keep in mind that flickering can occur from different sources.
  8. Joel Bodenmann

    SDRAM, pixmaps and oscilloscope

    I don't want to disturb the conversation, I just feel like these two are worth mentioning/showing: They are both using µGFX on an STM32F407 with no external RAM:
  9. Joel Bodenmann

    Online font converter maintenace

    The migration has been completed successfully. The online font converter is available again.
  10. We're physically migrating the online font converter server to a different location. Therefore, the online font converter service will be unavailable for a couple of hours up to two days if things go wrong. You can always use the offline font converter built into the µGFX-Studio.
  11. Joel Bodenmann

    ILI9341 TSC2046 (ADS7843) STM32F103

    You might need to increase the values of GMOUSE_ADS7843_FINGER_CALIBRATE_ERROR and GMOUSE_ADS7843_PEN_CALIBRATE_ERROR in your board file. They are currently set to 20 and 2. Those are the distances in pixels which the fourth control crosshair is allowed to have as tolerance after the calibration has been applied. 2 and 20 are some very low values. Try higher ones.
  12. If you wrote the code for those functions but you're getting an undefined reference error you simply forgot to include the files in the compilation/linking process properly.
  13. This will help: https://wiki.ugfx.io/index.php/BareMetal#SysTick
  14. Joel Bodenmann

    ChibiOS Kernel v5

    Thank you very much - we appreciate it! I've added this to our internal ToDo list.
  15. The error message is definitely showing that something went wrong with including the GDISP driver as @inmarket mentioned. Maybe @cpu20 can help as he's our IDE integration specialist.