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µGFX Library 2.9

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About This File

This is the actual µGFX library - the real deal!

The µGFX library is completely free, without any restrictions, for home, hobby & educational use. Please note that you have to purchase license in order to use µGFX in a commercial project or product. Note that these licenses are very affordable and can be purchased directly through our web store. You can find more information about commercial licenses and the available pricing options here: http://ugfx.org/pricing

You can also access the official Git repository if you like to use Git or make contributions via pull requests: https://git.ugfx.io/ugfx/ugfx

What's New in Version 2.9   See changelog


  • Fixed ensuring the clock is fully started in STM32LTDC based boards
  • Added support for negative baseline_x in fonts
  • Fixed some word wrapping issues
  • Fixed drawing of 3x3 pixel boxes
  • Fixed issue in RTX5/CMSIS2 port which resulted in hanging delays/threads
  • Added GFX_COMPAT_V2 to maintain source compatibility with V2.x programs. It is turned on by default.
  • Added GFX_COMPAT_OLDCOLORS to allow V2.x Red, Green, Blue color names. It is turned on by default.
  • Added GFX_RED, GFX_BLUE, GFX_GREEN etc to replace V2.x Red, Gree, Blue color names
  • Added GFXON/GFXOFF to replace V2.x TRUE/FALSE for configuration options.
  • Added types gI8, gU8 .. gI32, gU32 to replace V2.x int8_t etc
  • Added type gBool to replace V2.x bool_t, and values gTrue/gFalse to replace TRUE/FALSE
  • Added type gDelay to replace V2.x delaytime_t and values gDelayNone/gDelayForever to replace TIME_IMMEDIATE/TIME_INFINITE
  • Added type gTicks to replace V2.x systemticks_t
  • Added type gThread to replace V2.x gfxThreadHandle and macros GFX_THREAD_FUNCTION/STACK to replace DECLARE_THREAD_FUNCTION & DECLARE_THREAD_STACK
  • Added type gThreadreturn to replace V2.x threadreturn_t and pseudo function gfxThreadReturn() to replace THREAD_RETURN()
  • Added type gThreadpriority to replace V2.x threadpriority_t and values gThreadpriorityLow/Normal/High to replace LOW_/NORMAL_/HIGH_PRIORITY
  • Added type gPoint to replace V2.x point and point_t
  • Added type gCoord to replace V2.x coord_t
  • Added type gPixel to replace V2.x pixel_t
  • Added type gColor to replace V2.x color_t
  • Added type gColorformat to replace V2.x colorformat
  • Added type gFont to replace V2.x font_t
  • Added type gPowermode to replace V2.x powermode_t, and values gPowerXXX replace powerXXX
  • Added type gJustify to replace V2.x justify_t, and values gJustifyXXX replace justifyXXX
  • Added type gFontmetric to replace V2.x fontmetric_t, and values gFontXXX replace fontXXX
  • Added type gOrientation to replace V2.x orientation_t, and values gOrientationX replace GDISP_ROTATE_X
  • Added type gSem to replace V2.x gfxSem, and values gSemMaxCount replace MAX_SEMAPHORE_COUNT
  • Added type gMutex to replace V2.x gfxMutex
  • Added types gPtr, gPtrDiff and gAny
  • Added type gMemSize and config macro GFX_MEM_LT64K
  • Added type gFileSize
  • Added gI64 and gU64 when the compiler supports it. GFX_TYPE_64 macro is defined as GFXON if it does.
  • Fixed headers to ensure size_t, NULL are always defined. size_t is not used as it may be 64bit.
  • Added gfxRealloc() to Qt port
  • Fixed UC1610 driver private area initialisation
  • Fixed ST7735 driver and added kapacuk changes
  • Added keyboard support to radio buttons (by Steffan)
  • Added internal use only GFX_COMPILESTAGE (used to control compilation)
  • Added support for ChibiOS Kernel V5
  • Added WS29EPD WaveShare E-Paper display
  • Fixed GQUEUE full synchronous function signatures
  • Removed label widget auto-sizing during redraw. It will still auto-size during creation
  • Fixed realloc bug for RAW32 (and derivitives)

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Right now I'm trying to understand and evaluate the software. Thanks to all those who are developing and making available to the community for free.

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This library is state-of-the-art software provinding an easy and fast way to integrate graphic displays to your project. It also provides additional drivers for touchscreens devices. Audio input/output modules are included too. Support is great, through community forum and IRC channel. It's free to use for home and hobby applications and commercial licenses have a great price. uGFX supports the more popular boards, display drivers and operational systems or just bare metal applications. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a high modular and lightweight solution.

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Thanks to all the community for provide this for free. Starting to migrate from v2.8. Thanks a lot. Best regards.

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