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  2. Great! I'll pull the new version in and test it asap!
  3. Thank you for your contribution, we appreciate it a lot! And of course: Welcome to the µGFX community!
  4. Thanks to work by @cpu20 the STM32F746-Discovery now works with ChibiOS V3 and V16. ChibiOS V2 doesn't support the STM32F7 processor so ChibiOS V3 is the minimum version for this board. The changes are now in the repository.
  5. cpu20's changes (slightly changed) and your makefile modification are now in the repository
  6. I have updated the uGFX repository with the changes and updated it so that it also has a better chance of working reliably across other OS's. Thank-you very much @cpu20 for the hard work. I have also incorporated your ChibiOS 'git' version make changes (although with a slight modification so that the ChibiOS version has to explicitly be set to git in the makefile).
  7. Which option are you talking about?
  8. I don't think there's that many good options for a 5inch display.
  9. yes, right i dont want to use RGB interface board. But how about other display Are they good? Does anyone interface this/similar display's ? Do you know any dev board or other board? So, i can test the display and later i can go for my own pcb. I have discovery stm32f411 board.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Unfortunately i couldn't get a working configuration. Here are some of my errors. I am pretty sure there is an error in gdisp_lld_ST7735.c in the function execute_cmds: static void execute_cmds (const uint8_t *addr) { unsigned int cmds = *addr++; while (cmds--) { write_cmd (g, *addr++); ... it doesn't get g. Some more errors: ../../ugfx_2.7/drivers/gdisp/ST7735/gdisp_lld_ST7735.c:90:18: error: #if with no expression #if ST7735_TYPE_B ../../ugfx_2.7/drivers/gdisp/ST7735/gdisp_lld_ST7735.c:204:14: error: 'g' undeclared (first use in this function) write_cmd (g, *addr++); ../../ugfx_2.7/drivers/gdisp/ST7735/gdisp_lld_ST7735.c:84:101: error: expected ';' before '}' token #define write_data_repeat(g, data, count) { int i; for (i = 0; i < count; ++i) write_data (g, data) } It would be very helpful if somebody could supply a working example. Thank you.
  12. Hello, While following this thread about the problems with running µGFX with ChibiOS on the STM32F746G-DISCO board, I noticed a small problem in the board files. The does add the ST HAL to the include path, but only for RAW32. However, the SDRAM init code is shared amongst all of the supported OSes, thus ChibiOS needs it. One caveat though : this init code (stm32f746g_discovery_sdram.c) needs a ST file (stm32f7xx_hal_rcc.h), but the compiler cannot find it when using ChibiOS as ST HAL is in the include path for RAW32 only. I made a patch (and PR) on cpu20's repo that fixes the problem. However, I am not sure all environments should include this HAL (as I did in the patch), or ChibiOS and RAW32 only. I do slant towards the first option, but I'm no expert with µGFX. Which option is best guys ? Keep the good work !
  13. Of course, I will do that as soon as I am at home. Also i will look in the boards folder. Thank you for the suggestion.
  14. Hello @doc_rob and welcome to the µGFX community! There are plenty of example board files that you can find in the /boards directory of the µGFX library. However, it would be a lot more efficient if you could simply attach a plain text file of the compiler output (make sure that you make a clean build). This way we can see what's going on and help you resolving your problems.
  15. Hello everyone, this is my first attempt with ugfx library and I need some help starting with my 1.8 inch display. I found the driver in gdisp and modified a board file from a different example but now it won't compile. Does anyone have a working example preferably for a stm32f4 and Chibios. That would be a great help. Thank you.
  16. Very close to that. Far from perfect though, but we need to get user feedback soon anyway.
  17. Ship it! At least, let us get at the alpha version. I'm interested in writing the rendering functions using sprites and nine-slicing. Jeff.
  18. Great work, well done! Let's see where this goes
  19. I have posted the current problems on there forums. Hopefully they will fix it soon. You can follow the status here:
  20. Definitely via their forum.
  21. The repo is: It's no problem for me to report back to the ChibiOS people. Should I contact them via mail, forum or report a bug on their GitHub page?
  22. Yep, looks like you're getting there... As @inmarket mentioned the current problem is that you're including the uGFXnet GDISP driver - which, I assume, you don't want to use. Make sure that you only include the driver(s) that you really want to use as shown in the Keil µVision guide linked above. All other drivers must be excluded from the build. Also, what is that DispDriver directory shown in your screenshot above? Did you copy the driver you want to use to your project directory? That would be wrong. Leave the µGFX library directory as it is, completely untouched. Only add the gfxconfig.h and the board_* file to your project as those are the only parts that are specific to your project. DO NOT copy other files from the µGFX library directory to your directory.
  23. This is awesome, great work! We appreciate this a lot. For completeness, could you add a link to your repository so we can find the changes? We'll definitely take a look at this and merge it ASAP. Changes required in the ChibiOS sources should definitely be reported back to the ChibiOS people. Would you take care of that or should we?
  24. It looks like you have included the uGFXnet GDISP driver. Was that intentional?
  25. Great news! I will try to follow that up this weekend. Thank you for all your hard work on this.
  26. Big morning today because it's fixed!!! In the end there were two problems related to the GPIO why the whole thing did not work. The pins PG8: FMC_SDCLK and PI12: LCD_DISP_PIN were configured incorrectly thus making the whole thing not work. First the DISP pin was the reason the display stayed white. After fixing that it turned black and the LTDC initialized correctly. Second thing was that the framebuffer did not work. This was due to the fact that the FMC_SDCLK pin was not initialized at all. Maybe this should be reported back to the Chibios people as this initialization sequence is done somewhere in there code? After all it was worth the search and the effort You can find the fixed code on my GitHub page if you want to pull it.
  27. Hi Joel, Thank you so much for your reply and information. After cleaning up, I followed your directions and excluded the font files. Also defined the functions for gfxillisecondsToTicks() and gfxSystemTicks(). And then ran the build. The following error comes up: would you please help... Building file: ../ugfx_2.7/drivers/multiple/uGFXnet/gdisp_lld_uGFXnet.c Invoking: MCU GCC Compiler %cd% arm-none-eabi-gcc -mcpu=cortex-m4 -mthumb -mfloat-abi=hard -mfpu=fpv4-sp-d16 '-D__weak=__attribute__((weak))' '-D__packed=__attribute__((__packed__))' -DUSE_HAL_DRIVER -DSTM32F412Zx -IC:/Ac6/ProjectsFromCube/NucleoWith9341/Inc -IC:/Ac6/ProjectsFromCube/NucleoWith9341/Drivers/STM32F4xx_HAL_Driver/Inc -IC:/Ac6/ProjectsFromCube/NucleoWith9341/Drivers/STM32F4xx_HAL_Driver/Inc/Legacy -IC:/Ac6/ProjectsFromCube/NucleoWith9341/Drivers/CMSIS/Device/ST/STM32F4xx/Include -IC:/Ac6/ProjectsFromCube/NucleoWith9341/Drivers/CMSIS/Include -IC:/Ac6/ProjectsFromCube/NucleoWith9341/Debug -IC:/Ac6/ProjectsFromCube/NucleoWith9341/uGFX -IC:/Ac6/ProjectsFromCube/NucleoWith9341/Drivers/DispDriver -IC:/Ac6/ProjectsFromCube/NucleoWith9341/ugfx_2.7 -Og -g3 -Wall -fmessage-length=0 -ffunction-sections -c -fmessage-length=0 -MMD -MP -MF"ugfx_2.7/drivers/multiple/uGFXnet/gdisp_lld_uGFXnet.d" -MT"ugfx_2.7/drivers/multiple/uGFXnet/gdisp_lld_uGFXnet.o" -o "ugfx_2.7/drivers/multiple/uGFXnet/gdisp_lld_uGFXnet.o" "../ugfx_2.7/drivers/multiple/uGFXnet/gdisp_lld_uGFXnet.c" ../ugfx_2.7/drivers/multiple/uGFXnet/gdisp_lld_uGFXnet.c:120:27: fatal error: lwip/sockets.h: No such file or directory compilation terminated. make: *** [ugfx_2.7/drivers/multiple/uGFXnet/gdisp_lld_uGFXnet.o] Error 1 Thanks Silas
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