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Official µGFX - repo: Access problems...?

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in search of the official µGFX-repo I found .... a link, which I am not allowed to insert here (message of the interface)...(huh?)

Nonetheless...it is searchable via www.startpage.com...when trying to access this repo, my browser says:

(I [censored] the mentioning of the link I am not allowed to insert previously)...

What happens here (The link starts with http instead of https) ?

PS: ...and trying to clone that repo results in an SSL error:
SSL certificate problem: Certificate has expired.



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Hi Joel

I think, there is a little more broken:
I got an email informing me, that you answered my post. The link in the mail was:
Clicking that gave me:
(I tried that with ungoogled-chromium, which has some tracking countermeasure and a "blank" firefox without any of these.)


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