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  1. Hi Joel I think, there is a little more broken: I got an email informing me, that you answered my post. The link in the mail was: https://community.ugfx.io/topic/1974-official-%C2%B5gfx-repo-access-problems/?do=findComment&comment=9263. Clicking that gave me: (I tried that with ungoogled-chromium, which has some tracking countermeasure and a "blank" firefox without any of these.)
  2. Hi, in search of the official µGFX-repo I found .... a link, which I am not allowed to insert here (message of the interface)...(huh?) Nonetheless...it is searchable via www.startpage.com...when trying to access this repo, my browser says: (I [censored] the mentioning of the link I am not allowed to insert previously)... What happens here (The link starts with http instead of https) ? PS: ...and trying to clone that repo results in an SSL error: SSL certificate problem: Certificate has expired. Cheers! mcc
  3. Hi Joel, I am at the very beginning with micropython/ESP32...will see, what I can do... One thing: I think, it will be "illegal" (sorry, the word is much to strong...I an no native speaker...) to provide a port of micropython with µGFX already be included, because micropython is used in the industry (commercially) and µGFX has as different licencing scheme for private and commercial use? I think it is problematic to mix two licencing schemes in one repo? If the badge is STM32L4 based I have to take care of this... :) Cheers! mcc
  4. Hi Joel, thanks for your reply. That badge is the one I was referring to in my initial posting. Will try that...according to their repo the micropython, they used is a fork of the original one and wasn't touched in the last three years...a long time when it comes to software development. ...will see, what I can make of it.. Cheers! mcc
  5. Hi, today I managed to setup a micropython "development environment" <cough> on my GENTOO Linux, with which I am able to compile micropython for a ESP32 board (TTGO T-Energy). The board type isn't relevant here...it is mostly "generic ESP32". I want to integrate µGFX for private use into my copy of micropython to use it with my ESP32 board. Before possibly inventing just another version of that wheel: Is there any port known, which does exactly this or can be used as starting point -- a search in the forum only leads me to some sort of badge, which hardware I don't know ?
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