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  1. It's a permanent offset. It should works for all widgets and in general for everything plotted on the display.
  2. I try to explain better. I want the display to add for example 10 px as offset to the Y axis, so if I tell it to plot at x:0 y:0 it actually plots it at x:0 y:10 The easiest thing to do is to modify all the gdisp routines and add this offset to the y component. I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to set the video controller at init already with this offset.
  3. Hi, is it possible to add an Y offset to the screen? I'm using SSD1963 Thanks
  4. Hi, actually i'm using uGFX 2.4 on a old project and i have a little problem with the font right alignment. The font comes from a monospaced ttf file, converted with the ugfx font converter. For example i have the two instructions: gdispFillStringBox(505, 115, 72, 20, text1, IsonormMonospacedRegular20, mycolor, mybgcolor, justifyRight); gdispFillStringBox(505, 267, 72, 20, text2, IsonormMonospacedRegular20, mycolor, mybgcolor, justifyRight); 'text1' and 'text2' contains different numbers (including "." and "-" characters) I expect that text1 and t
  5. Hi This is a general question about graph interpolation that doesn't concern with the current features of uGFX (i hope these features will be added a day) Does anyone know some interpolation routine or library for graph that can be used in uGFX? I already know that uGFX connect points. I mean something like the figure. -Fabrizio-
  6. I'll give it a try Thank for suggestions
  7. I wrote my custom but it's very very slow void gwinButtonDraw_Rounded(GWidgetObject *gw, void *param) { const GColorSet * pcol; fixed alpha; fixed dalpha; coord_t i; color_t tcol, bcol; (void) param; if (gw->g.vmt != (gwinVMT *)&buttonVMT) return; pcol = getButtonColors(gw); /* Fill the box blended from variants of the fill color */ tcol = gdispBlendColor(Wh
  8. The custom routine that redraw a push button with rounded border is the following: void gwinButtonDraw_Rounded(GWidgetObject *gw, void *param) { const GColorSet * pcol; (void) param; if (gw->g.vmt != (gwinVMT *)&buttonVMT) return; pcol = getButtonColors(gw); gdispGFillArea(gw->g.display, gw->g.x, gw->g.y, gw->g.width, gw->g.height, gw->pstyle->background); if (gw->g.width >= 2*BTN_CNR_SIZE+10) { gdispGFillRoundedBox(gw->g.display, gw->g.x+1, gw->g.y+1, gw->g.width-2, gw->g.height-2, BTN_CNR_SIZE-1, pcol->fill); gd
  9. My mistake. It works. In "Interactive mode" when i press the button it redraw the text label and don't redraw it correctly Just after the mouse is over the button it's redrawed again correctly
  10. Can't set the custom draw routine to " gwinButtonDraw_Rounded" I've seen it's possible to define new customs I hope it shouldn't be necessary to redefine manually all these: https://wiki.ugfx.io/index.php/PushButton
  11. Okay, we did not know We will try the command-line tool Thank you
  12. Image to array conversion function present in 0.15 was very important (like the font converter that is available online) Do you think to provide the same function online?
  13. We are certainly interested in the new beta But at the moment it's more important to have a working version of the Studio So how can we do it?
  14. Hi I get this error message from uGFX Studio I'm running version 0.15 so i think is the latest
  15. This is very impressive! What's the API name? Nice work. Is there a thread about it?
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