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  1. Im bye LCD like this Package has label "ILI9481" Original driver from uGFX not work properly. There small simple project with properly work driver. Some photos:
  2. Error like this: C:/ARM/ugfx/drivers/gdisp/ILI9481/gdisp_lld_ILI9481.c: In function 'gdisp_lld_control': C:/ARM/ugfx/drivers/gdisp/ILI9481/gdisp_lld_ILI9481.c:251:6: error: too few arguments to function 'gdisp_lld_init' gdisp_lld_init(); ^ C:/ARM/ugfx/drivers/gdisp/ILI9481/gdisp_lld_ILI9481.c:67:16: note: declared here LLDSPEC bool_t gdisp_lld_init(GDisplay *g) { ^ C:/ARM/ugfx/tools/gmake_scripts/compiler_gcc.mk:242: recipe for target '.build/obj/GFXLIB/drivers/gdisp/ILI9481/gdisp_lld_ILI9481.o' failed cs-make.EXE: *** [.build/obj/GFXLIB/drivers/gdisp/ILI9481/gdisp_lld_ILI9481.o] Error 1 Patch: diff --git a/drivers/gdisp/ILI9481/gdisp_lld_ILI9481.c b/drivers/gdisp/ILI9481/gdisp_lld_ILI9481.c index bd637f0..0f8b6c4 100644 --- a/drivers/gdisp/ILI9481/gdisp_lld_ILI9481.c +++ b/drivers/gdisp/ILI9481/gdisp_lld_ILI9481.c @@ -248,7 +248,7 @@ LLDSPEC bool_t gdisp_lld_init(GDisplay *g) { write_reg(g, 0x0010, 0x0000); /* leave sleep mode */ release_bus(g); if (g->g.Powermode != powerSleep) - gdisp_lld_init(); + gdisp_lld_init(g); break; case powerSleep: acquire_bus(g);
  3. Hi everyone! Through the efforts of a group of comrades present driver for display of phone Nokia 1616. Based on the work of axillent[dog]gmail[dot]com (http://radiokot.ru/articles/53/) Many thanks to the help of Federico Reds .
  4. Yes, this driver is working properly.
  5. OK, I'll do it in a few days. I have plans for the driver for LCD of Nokia 1616, controller chip -- SPFD54124B.
  6. in my sample project http://ugfx.org/forum/download/file.php?id=23 working driver for my LCD with LGDP4532 chip. it would be nice if someone else checked it either.
  7. changes are needed not only in the initialization procedure, but also in the functions to rotate the screen. variable Devicecode need to do a global? in any case, it should make the programmer, not the hobbyist :-)
  8. to successfully launch I had to change the reset procedure and add the initialization section for "Devicecode == 4532" screen rotation function did not work correctly image has been mirrored I attach a simple demonstration project with a working driver for my LCD.
  9. Yes, I'll check it out today.
  10. it is standart include in gdisp_lld_ILI9325.c #include "src/gdisp/driver.h" that refers to the file in ugfx/src/gdisp/
  11. I think I found the reason. Revised driver:
  12. Yes, in portrait mode, it works. In landscape mode also works, but the image is upside down. Did you suggest what else can I try?
  13. Hi! Helped: GDISP_REG = 0x0003; GDISP_RAM = 0x1030; // for GDISP_DEFAULT_ORIENTATION == GDISP_ROTATE_PORTRAIT immediately after gfxInit(); with GDISP_ROTATE_LANDSCAPE and 0x1038 -- image flipped vertically. gdispSetOrientation() -- spoils the image it really ili9325 initialisation code the same -- one to one. my board HY-STM32 -- its a development board, display connetcted via FSMC.
  14. Hi! I try to connect devboard HY-STM32F103VE to µGFX with ChibiOS/RT. This board contains LCD with ILI9325 controller. To some extent, I got it. I use current µGFX from GIT. The Startup logo shows OK, but my graphics and text -- no: documents-export-2013-07-29.zipHY-STM32F103VE.7z[/attachment] What could be the problem? Perhaps there is another controller installed? HY-STM32F103VE.7z
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