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  1. thank you for your support .why I have this error? this picture the same as first page. why cant show on 2nd page?
  2. open 11 image and this is result
  3. no. this is not RTL problem. I want to solve Farsi font by Picture.
  4. this is my out put on 2nd page. but fist page work correctly.
  5. I read forum. And i do. But not work. Its Work like this س ل ا م. But its true سلام
  6. Please support RTL on next version. This is so important for lot of user. I create image for show farsi.
  7. I dont know. I have 6 image. And use 12-13 image box. Some of picture are the same.
  8. But i use some of picture 2 times.
  9. I copy out put studio ugfxconfig.h to my project. It is 7
  10. I send screenshout later. But problem is on previw and hardware. Some of my picture box do not show on 2nd page.
  11. why me 2nd page cant show all image box? ugfx_project.rar
  12. How to start virtual keyboard in numeric mode?
  13. Thank you for your application and library. 1) when I can download v0.20 ? 2) on cubeMx we can generate new code without delete old code. i you make your studio like that, it very good. // begin user code // end user code
  14. nimaltd

    8bit interface

  15. nimaltd

    8bit interface

    I try all of them. but my color is wrong .
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