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  1. Hi, I am planning to to show a random images as screen saver but upon any touch on screen I want to render a page, How can I do the detecting the touch part ?
  2. looking at ..._discovery_sdram.c looks like all the codes related to the SD RAM intialiazation, access etc.. So I don't have to write this right ? since I am trying to use the embedded ram. I will look into the stm32ltdc.. am I correct ?
  3. Hi, i remember I got started with ugfx by using some template project file, But now I am trying to build my own PCB to keep the cost at ultimate low I want to eliminate many external component on STM32f7-Discovery board.. Main concern is I don't know how to make ugfx to only use the internal ram on the MCU it self. Anyone has any idea how to go about this ?
  4. any example to do that ?
  5. Is there any other virtualkeyboard than the rectangular one.. I was finding for like a dial numeric keypad. Similar to image attached
  6. Is there a way to keep the image open, gdispImageOpenFile(&myImage, "spices.BMP"); gdispImageDraw(&myImage, 0, 0, 480, 272, 0, 0); the image will be closed after the function is completed
  7. that is in your GFILE demo module... maybe U can make the changes in you repo if its wrong....
  8. Hi @Joel Bodenmann and @inmarket is this is a spelling error below at the if condition you spell it as logfile in small cap but then the GFILE object is logFile ? void LogInfo(const char* msg) { GFILE* logFile; logFile = gfileOpen("info.txt", "a"); // Open the file for append if (logfile) { gfileWrite(logFile, msg, strlen(msg)); gfileClose(logFile); // Close the file again } }
  9. hi thanks for reply but do you mind to give some hint, debug for ?.... What should I do when I am doing debugging in stuck into gfxHalt, what should I do after I encounter halt ?
  10. Hii all, I got my fatfs working but when I try sample code it always goes and stuck gfxHalt(), i tried two type gfx.conf but not working First Time : #define GFILE_FATFS_EXTERNAL_LIB TRUE #define GFILE_NEED_NOAUTOMOUNT TRUE #define GFILE_NEED_PRINTG TRUE Second Time : #define GFILE_NEED_FATFS TRUE #define GFILE_NEED_NOAUTOMOUNT TRUE #define GFILE_NEED_PRINTG TRUE Both ways It ugfx FATFS DEMO don't work for me, I am doing wrong anywhere ?
  11. Alright thanks for that. .. I was confused with linker file script.
  12. the value of GFX_OS_HEAP_SIZE is in HEX bytes right, Eg if GFX_OS_HEAP_SIZE == 1000 in gfx.conf then it's around 4KB, Am I correct ?
  13. Hi, thanks for your reply. I will try to fill the heap with known patter and see. and when I set the gfx_os_heap_size does it mean it's dynamically allocated only for ugfx usage and could not conflict with other code section that uses malloc ?.
  14. I see, thanks to pointing it out. Is there anyway to monitor my stack and heap real time ?..... I am using the stm32f7 dis board package, so the uGFX only uses the internal ram during code execution and the external ram only for frame buffer ? am I right ?
  15. hi also found out why my own implementation of keyboard don't work but gwin example worked as mentioned last time is because few defination in ugfx config //#define GEVENT_ASSERT_NO_RESOURCE FALSE //#define GEVENT_MAXIMUM_SIZE 32 //dEFAULT VALUE: 32 //#define GEVENT_MAX_SOURCE_LISTENERS 3 //dEFAULT VALUE: 32 commenting out the three stuff got my gevent listening to my keyboard, do you mind to tell why it happens
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