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  1. Hello! How can i download ugfx studio.I am not able to download from site.
  2. Does not work My Init and call function: In "gfxconf.h" #define GWIN_NEED_FLASHING TRUE /********************************************************/ /* GTIMER stuff */ /********************************************************/ #define GFX_USE_GTIMER TRUE #define GTIMER_THREAD_PRIORITY NORMAL_PRIORITY #define GTIMER_THREAD_WORKAREA_SIZE 2048 in "gui.c" if (((GEventGWinButton *)pe)->gwin == ghPushbutton_1) { gwinFlash(ghPushbutton_1); } Button not Blinking.....Do I need to include something else ??
  3. Hello! Please tell me how to create a blinking button. I use STM32F7-Discovery
  4. Hello, Joel Bodenmann!! Thank you very much, for the information. I'm looking forward to the release of the new µGFX-Studio. Will it be on the download site v0.15 ? Sorry for my bad English!
  5. I am very upset, all work has stopped, even though it is not commercial. When to wait for the new version?
  6. Hello! I have the same problem, the version of which I use the year gives the same error: "This test version has expired. Please make sure that you download the latest available release of the uGFX-Studio". Downloaded version 0.15 from October 20, 2016 does not help, the error does not disappear. The same thing I see on another computer with Windows 7. Sorry for my Bad English
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