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  1. But I always use uvision. I worked on the ugfx project ahead of time, but I did not get any errors. I have not been able to do this project with uvision for a total of 1 month. I thought ugfx was easy, but it is not compatible with uvision. This project will be my final homework in university but it did not happen because it took too long. Thank you for your interest.
  2. gfx_mk.o what should I do for this error.
  3. Hi to everybody. :-) Does anyone have an idea about this error.? İ feel ,Little to finish .
  4. Hi my friend,welcome to the forum :-) As stated in the video project stm32f746. :-) If you do the same you can get an error. You must add the library of the screen you are using.
  5. İ mean, İ want to see some data ( for example. Analog read data ) on monitor , (VGA ) with stm32f746 VIA ugfx :-)
  6. You are right my friend. İ checked dial.c and then some error is correct. I'm just getting an error right now. What can I do here? .\Objects\Widge_Create_Ugfx.axf: Error: L6218E: Undefined symbol assert (referred from gfx_mk.o).
  7. my main.c Nothing extra is defined,and nothing code.only demo code. Could it be wrong to dial.h? How can it be. main.c.txt
  8. I looked at the link below. He was talking about the error you said. But there is nothing defined in my main.c file. Could you edit the example of the dial widget for the keil. So it could be a good example for everyone. I guess I do not understand :-) http://www.keil.com/support/docs/3724.htm
  9. I sent you the error. I still get the same error .
  10. The project I sent you is your demon. But it did not work, so it is not a hard error for you :-)
  11. This project is not paid for me. Just to learn. But if I make a project with money, I definitely ask you. If it is a simple project is $ 25 ?
  12. hi to everybody How to transfer monitor data using UGFX with stm32f746 ?
  13. hi Is there a progress in the project
  14. Hello to everyone Keil project with ugfx .I hope it will be useful C ya. Ugfx_Keil.wmv
  15. yes I did. I even created a project again to make sure. Dial_Widge_.rar
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