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ChibiStudio as a development system

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How general purpose  is ChibiStudio ?

Is it a good choice for general cross-compiled ARM projects ?

I am currently using the STM32F429I-DISC1 board. - which works in ChibiStudio.

I have other projects that I want to import into it - more native C examples - is this possible ?

I am also looking at ATSAMA5D27 applicatiions - some are Linux - but uGFX and FreeRTOS, or ChibiOS has me very interested.


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ChibiStudio is just a custom distribution of Eclipse. All it really is is the default Eclipse with the default CDT tools (C development tools) and a few ChibiOS specific plugins. Those plugins are really ChibiOS specific. They provide stuff like analytics of ChibiOS threads and so on - you can't use them with anything other than ChibiOS.

If you want to use ChibiStudio but you're not using ChibiOS then you can just go ahead and use Eclipse. There are other (plenty!) of other Eclipse distributions specific for a certain target. For example, there's STM32SW4 for STM32 baremetal targets. There are also Eclips eversions specific to other ARM versions. As far as I know Atmel provides their own IDE named AtmelStudio which is based on VisualStudio (But I might be wrong there - long time...).

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