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Embedded linux with SOM project

Rob Moore

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Hello & Welcome to the µGFX community!

Yes, it is possible (and very common) to do this with the µGFX library. The library has been designed to run on virtually any system/platform.
Depending your system you can either use one of the "Linux" drivers (eg. X, SDL or framebuffer) or directly interface a display via GDISP (if you have a display not "integrated" into the OS).


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We'd need a bit more information to provide you with specific answers.

In general, assuming that you have Linux running on your SOM it should be as easy as compiling an µGFX application for Linux: https://wiki.ugfx.io/index.php/Linux

However, whether you can use the X, SDL or FrameBuffer driver or whether you need to use one of the other GDISP drivers depends on how your system is built (eg. how the display is connected), whether you're running a WM and so on.

If you can provide more information we'll gladly point you towards the right direction.

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