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uGFX port for ESP32 and ESP-IDF

Mick P. F.

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Hello & Welcome to the µGFX community!

In general, the µGFX library is known to work well on ESP32 platforms. There are plenty of customers and hobby-ists which reported quite satisfying results.
Both porting and writing new display drivers is pretty easy and well documented. We're happy to help wherever we can.

Do you have any specific questions we might be able to answer?

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Hello Joel,

Several months ago I started the 1st porting attempt and found that the effort is not so low. Numerous details are unclear, the Wiki does not answer many open questions.
What seems easy for you as an expert for UGFX is nebulous even for an experienced software developer (as me).
I will need a little more time to carry out the porting properly ...

Kind Regards,



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Hey Michael,

Well, that is exactly what we are here for: To answer questions, help to guide along the way and most importantly: Improve upon feedback.
If you can tell us in a little more detail which details are unclear, and to which questions you didn't find any answers we will gladly provide the necessary information and update the corresponding documentation :)

Best regards,
~ Joel

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