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Epaper Controller UC8175


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Hi Joel,

the GDISP driver repo readme.txt states that the UC8175 controller is supported but I can find no reference to it. I would modify the UC8173 driver myself but unfortunately I cannot find any datasheets for the UltraChip controllers on their website. Is the UC8173 driver suitable for displays with the UC8175 controller?

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I think that's a typo in the readme that you're mentioning.

Unfortunately, I am unable to share the datasheets of the UltraChip controllers I have as they were acquired under NDA :/
While I don't know for sure, experience would certainly say that you can use the one driver as a starting point for the other driver you're intending to make.

As usual: Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions. We're happy to help wherever we can.

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