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Demo PSOC 5 Screen flipped


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I tried the demo that is on the PSOC 5 and ILI 9341 page, everything works fine but the screen is flipped, like a mirror.


I do not know why it happens, I have looked in the configuration if any modification is necessary but I have not found the part of the code that handles that part of the screen

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Hello & Welcome to the µGFX community!

Those ILIxxxx chips are known to have "problems" with different default configurations and incorrect reset values across different versions and revisions. This is especially bad with clones.
Given that everything else is working this might be as simple as flipping the scan direction bit(s) in the display controller's control register. Check the SS  bit in the Display Function Control Register (0xb6). That controls one of the scan directions. There is another such register value to control the other scan direction somewhere. These two values allow you to "flip" the display.

 Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any further questions - we're happy to help wherever we can!

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