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µGFX:How to getting start with chibios 20.3


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I have STM32F769I discovery and i want to use the touch screen with µGFX  with chibios.
is there a demo project ?

I have add µGFX to the project , i have also modify  the make file doc but i have an "error GOS:unsupported version of chibios" ,i am using chibios 20.3.2 kernal 6.1.2 .
how can i solve this problem?
is there µGFX v3 if yes how can i download it?

best regard,

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There are currently no ready-to-use board files for the STM32F769i discovery in combination with ChibiOS. You'd have to write those board files yourself.

ChibiOS itself is supported by µGFX. In fact, the µGFX library started out as a ChibiOS-only extension.
We haven't checked out the latest release of ChibiOS but in general very little things change over time. Modifications would need to occur in /src/gos/gos_chibios.[ch]. The error you're receiving originates from /src/gos/gos_chibios.c:15. Most likely you're able to just modify line 14 and things will work but better check the ChibiOS changelog to figure out whether type definitions etc. changed.

The µGFX v3 library is currently not available to the public.

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