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It's been some time since I last used the touch routines and I now find that functions have changed and the useful refresher links are now appear broken and a search doesn't reveal any updated resource, eg. broken link to the calibration wiki page with 502 Bad Gateway response? Link

Are any updated links available?

As an aside, is uGFX V3 going to see the light of day anytime soon or has it been shelved?



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Hi Joel,

good to hear that things are still progressing on V3, quality over quantity always preferred! 

I managed to make progress by referring to the touchRawReadings.c example file although I should mention that I had an issue which required further investigation. It turns out that the example code gives incorrect readings when the screen is rotated 180 degrees due to the negative coordinates and the unsigned format used in gprintf. Not an issue for most people and I had initially forgotten that I had rotated the screen.

I have also been investigating drawing icon bitmaps from  an SD card when using microcontrollers with limited resources, (aka Blue Pill) but so far it only seems practical for very small bitmaps due to the overall red/write time and the inability to cache all bitmaps using gdispImageCache. I am currently considering the effort required to create such  icons using the ugfx draw functions....

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