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SSD1963 driver for ugfx-arduino

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I have ported the SSD1963 driver to ugfx-arduino. So far it's only targeted at Teensy, but it could probably be made to work with other boards by changing the board file.

I made it work with a Teensy 3.2 with one problem. I can draw using GDISP and the pixels end up in the right position, however, the colors are wrong: apparently only 2 bits of the red and green channels and none of the red channel is used. I did not change the pixel format of the original driver (GDISP_PIXELFORMAT_RGB565). I assume it could have something to do with using 8 vs. 16 data ports, but I'm not sure. I also don't know how to change it. Any ideas how to fix this?

The code can be found here:

An example configuration can be found here:

To install, copy both above repositories as sub-folders into your Arduino library folder. For an example application, just copy the one from ugfx-arduino and change the driver. This configuration assumes the following wiring for TFT->Teensy 3.2: Backlight=3V3, Reset=23, RS=28, WR=27, RD=33, CS=15, DB_0=15, DB_1=22, DB_2=23, DB_3=9, DB_4=10, DB_5=13, DB_6=11, DB_7=12, DB_8=2, DB_9=14, DB_10=7, DB_11=8, DB_12=6, DB_13=20, DB_14=21, DB_15=5

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