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  1. I have ported the SSD1963 driver for ugfx-arduino, targeting Teensy 3.2. I'm using the same structure as the SSD1351 driver by crteensy. It's more or less working but colors are wrong. See this thread:
  2. I have ported the SSD1963 driver to ugfx-arduino. So far it's only targeted at Teensy, but it could probably be made to work with other boards by changing the board file. I made it work with a Teensy 3.2 with one problem. I can draw using GDISP and the pixels end up in the right position, however, the colors are wrong: apparently only 2 bits of the red and green channels and none of the red channel is used. I did not change the pixel format of the original driver (GDISP_PIXELFORMAT_RGB565). I assume it could have something to do with using 8 vs. 16 data ports, but I'm not sure. I also don
  3. It seems that SSD1963 does not use the RD port. I had a look at board_ssd1963_gpio.h. It defines two macros for setting and clearing this pin (Set_RD, Clr_RD), however Clr_RD is never called. Can RD simply be wired to VDD? (by the way, the UTFT library suggests wiring RD to VDD for SSD1963). And another question: am I right to assume that palSetPad sets any pin to low and palClearPad sets it to high? I am trying to convert the driver to Teensy and I am a bit confused because the naming seems to be inverse to what it supposedly does.
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