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gwinPrintg only together with GFILE?

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is there any specific reason why gwinPrintg function can only be used if the gfile is enabled (and therefore also one of the file backends as the compilation fails with no backed enabled). I find this function quite handy, but as I don't use ugfx filesystem api, I don't want to enable the whole gfile stuff...

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GwinPrintg uses the internal printg framework which requires gfile. GwinPrintg effectively creates a pseudo file based on each window. This in practice is a very efficient  use of code reuse. For now enable GFILE and the "string" sub-system as that enables sprintf equivalent functionality and the string sub-system is tiny.

I will look at how easy it is to change the code so it can either be used without GFILE or at least without any sub-module file-systems turned on.

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