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  1. Hi, there's a bug in console scrollBuffer function, consider following scenario: gcw->buffer = 0x0000 gcw->buffer[0] = A gcw->buffer[1] = \n gcw->bufpos = 1 // Remove one line from the start ep = gcw->buffer+gcw->bufpos; for(p = gcw->buffer; p < ep && *p != '\n'; p++) { #if GWIN_CONSOLE_ESCSEQ if (*p == 27) ESCtoAttr(p[1], &gcw->startattr); #endif } // Was there a newline, if not delete everything. if (*p != '\n') { gcw->bufpos = 0; return; } // Delete the data dp = ++p - gcw->buffer; // Calculate the amount to to be removed gcw->bufpos -= dp; // Calculate the new size if (gcw->bufpos) memcpy(gcw->buffer, p, gcw->bufpos); // Move the rest of the dat ep becomes 0x0001, therefore for cycle exits with p = 0x0001, which is outside the used bufer area, but the if condition is found invalid as 0x0001 contains \n, dp becomes 2 and here's the bug: gcw->bufpos = bufpos - dp = 1 - 2 = overflow to very high number, memcpy overwrites huge area of memory and finally MCU crashes. I guess the if condition should be something like: if (*p == ep || *p != '\n')...
  2. Hi, is there any specific reason why gwinPrintg function can only be used if the gfile is enabled (and therefore also one of the file backends as the compilation fails with no backed enabled). I find this function quite handy, but as I don't use ugfx filesystem api, I don't want to enable the whole gfile stuff... Thanks you, Jakub
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