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Guest Juergen

Shared Framebuffer for Video Overlay possible?

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Guest Juergen


first of all, thanks a lot for your excellent work on µGFX!

I would like to use uGFX to design a GUI for a video device, is there a possibility to use uGFX along with gstreamer with the following assumptions:

- Linux without X Server
- Orange Pi H5 Quad Core 512MB
- Framebuffer driver
- TFT Display /w serial interface
- uGFX as overlay on the video or uGFX providing a video window and gstreamer is doing the overlay on this video window
- Video size is just 320x240


Thanks your support




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Sorry for the late reply - not sure how this didn't show up in my notifications list.

That's certainly possible. We have several customers who use µGFX for overlays / OSDs.
I'd recomment that µGFX provides its own video output that you then mix together / on-top of the video using gstreamer.

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