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GSourceHandle ???

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GSourceHandle enterHandle = ginputGetToggle(GINPUT_TOGGLE_ENTER);

Why can this string cause a compiler error? 

Error[Pe059]: function call is not allowed in a constant expression

but if use

#define enterHandle   ginputGetToggle(GINPUT_TOGGLE_ENTER)

It does not cause an error and works fine.

Compiler IAR 7.5

Best regards, Alexandr.



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If the line specified is right at the top of the function my guess is that it will work. If it is not at the top then you are running into a common C, C++ language misconception.

C does not allow variable definitions except at the top of a block. Once a non-variable definition statement has occurred variable definitions are not allowed in the block.

Whilst the C language does not allow this, C++ does. As many C compilers have associated C++ compilers many C compilers relax the rules and allow such definitions eg gcc.

My guess is that the IAR C compiler follows the language standard and doesn't allow this.

In general in C it is a good idea to seperate variable definitions from code to set the variables.

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