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    GSourceHandle ???

    Hi. Thanks for assist. Best regards.
  2. Hi. GSourceHandle enterHandle = ginputGetToggle(GINPUT_TOGGLE_ENTER); Why can this string cause a compiler error? Error[Pe059]: function call is not allowed in a constant expression but if use #define enterHandle ginputGetToggle(GINPUT_TOGGLE_ENTER) It does not cause an error and works fine. Compiler IAR 7.5 Best regards, Alexandr.
  3. Hi. How can I synchronize two lists? It is about being able to show the same line numbers in two different lists. Best regards.
  4. Hi. It would be nice. If the studio was creating a code template with events from the widgets. Best regards.
  5. Hi. I have the following situation. Two containers are on the same page. If necessary, one or the other can be seen. If I try to combine containers, then one becomes the parent of the other.How to avoid such a situation. The question is not on the topic. Prompt, please the correct way of creation a modal window by analogy with MessageDlg from windows api. Best regards. P.S. What function should menu item "Rise" do?
  6. P.S. In my project there is page where there i't a single widget, just a background of two pictures. Only on this page the label widget are displayed normally. If i placed any widget on empty page, tow time label are not displayed.
  7. Hi. I'm sorry, but it does not work. Labels are displayed only on the source page. What is my mistake, I do not understand. I'm sorry to trouble you. Best regards.
  8. Hi. I do not know what I can do wrong. I changed the parent to label and container to which the label belongs, but both labels are shown only on the start page. In debug window i see that the variable flagы is different when the label widget is displayed on the page. Maybe it will tell you something. flags = 0x00013F00 if widget visible on page. flags = 0x00013D00 if widget not visible on page (parent this widget changed manually). Best regards.
  9. HI. I placed tow label widget in container, and changed parent properties this container. // this code not displayed datetime bar gwinHide(ghPageContainerStartPage); // old parent page container for DateTimeBar ghDateTimeBar->parent = ghPageContainerSelectByTerminalPage; gwinShow(ghPageContainerSelectByTerminalPage); // new parent page container for DateTimeBar Container displayed only page, where was created. I using uGFX-studio for generate project. In the previous case, I tried to change the property of parents label widgets. Sometimes this label widget displayed on new page? sometimes not displayed. Best regards.
  10. Hi. But I say about application for stm32f746 with ugfx library, not a µGFX-Studio . Best regards.
  11. Hi. Tell me please the correct way, with which you can, for example, one label to show on several pages. Tried to replace the parent, but it does not work correctly. It is necessary for mine to display information such as date, time and so on. Best regards.
  12. Hi. Small video for previous post. Check coordinate in property editor. Best regards. bandicam 2018-07-27 16-06-16-224.avi
  13. Hi. In property editor X and Y coordinate a same. Best regards.
  14. Hi. I capture video with error images. Best regards. bandicam_2018-07-06_05-47-34-649.avi
  15. Hi. I'm testing first case on my home PC. Result is same as the video from previous letter. I d't have this explanation. Best regards.
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