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  1. Yes there is (defined in task.h) Before FreeRTOS 8.x.x #define tskKERNEL_VERSION_NUMBER "V7.3.0" From FreeRTOS 8.x.x on #define tskKERNEL_VERSION_NUMBER "V8.0.1" #define tskKERNEL_VERSION_MAJOR 8 #define tskKERNEL_VERSION_MINOR 0 #define tskKERNEL_VERSION_BUILD 1
  2. I am running FreeRTOS v7.3.0. A quick look-up on the FreeRTOS homepage might give an explanation: http://www.freertos.org/upgrading-to-FreeRTOS-V8.html#stdint
  3. I am currently running uGFX (git download from 2014/07/31) with FreeRTOS (v7.3.0) on an Altera NiosII target platform (gcc v4.5.3) with a framebuffer display driver. My problems were: freertos.h files in src\gos\gos module conflicted the original FreeRTOS.h file. I renamed them to freertos_gfx.h/c Missing type definitions in freertos_gfx.h such as, int8_t, uint8_t, etc. This might work on other platforms without modifications? freertos_gfx.c: renamed portTICK_PERIOD_MS to portTICK_RATE_MS. Again, this might be a platform/port/version issue.
  4. Is there any ongoing development for general anti-aliasing support for all graphic primitives/operations? I know that the fonts do support aa-rendering.
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