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  1. Google: arduino nokia 1616 first link: https://github.com/fire0shadow/Adafruit-SPFD54124B https://github.com/fire0shadow/Adafruit-SPFD54124B/blob/master/examples/SPFD54124B.ino Run it first. If everything is alright. then you can continue
  2. Hi. These errors occur for ChibiOS / RT, versions more than 4. Because version it is rigidly declared in the file gos_chibios.h and gos_chibios.c. Thank you
  3. Hi all. https://git.ugfx.io/pashamray/uGFX/src/UC1601s/drivers/gdisp/UC1601s This is driver for uc1601s, 65x132 STN Controller-Driver, I2C interface (http://www.vatronix.com/upload/LCD_Controller/uc1601sa_0.6.pdf). This is beta version.
  4. Already found and corrected the error. Who will create a pull request.
  5. Sorry for my english. I use the Google translator. This meant that when I come home. I fixed in the examples SPI. I can not make the parcel more than one byte. :shock:
  6. How will the house, fix it. Sorry. :roll:
  7. Hi. This is driver for PCD8544 controller: https://bitbucket.org/pashamray/ugfx branch pcd8544 Example: https://github.com/pashamray/stm32_chibios_ugfx_pcd8544 Display based on this controller: Nokia 5110 Nokia 3310
  8. Hi. I finished writing the driver. Contrast is adjusted automatically, a feature of the controller. :roll: Create a pull request? https://bitbucket.org/pashamray/ugfx brach - pcf8812
  9. Hi, thank you. Just poured fix orientations. Now I will complete management power.
  10. Hi, I fixed the problem with the last line. Screen controller is addressing 102x72 pixels, and the screen is 96x65 pixels. One of these days will correct orientation. It will be possible to use this driver.
  11. Hi, this display has a vertical and horizontal addressing, I will try it. Yes I saw framebuffer driver. try to use the code from it. Thank you very much for the quick response and assistance.
  12. Hi 1. Problems with orientation of 90 degrees and 270 degrees 2. The display 102x65 pixels (102 * 65) / 8 = 828.75 that's what I want to solve first.
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