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  1. Hi All, I am attempting to get the simple uGFX List code example to also show an image. Below is my code, as well as defines added to gfxconf.h. The list is displayed just fine, but no image in the list. Is there something I'm missing? I have defined the following in gfxconf.h: GFX_USE_GDISP GDISP_NEED_IMAGE GWIN_NEED_LIST GWIN_NEED_LIST_IMAGES And here's my code: #include <string.h> #include "gfx.h" static GListener gl; static GHandle ghList1; static gdispImage img1; static void createWidgets(void) {
  2. I am new to uGFX and currently trying to learn a little about Lists. Trying to gain access to scrolling of the demo list program via keyboard and mouse. I have the demo program from https://wiki.ugfx.io/index.php/List setup, compiling and running in a Win10 environment using gcc. When first setting up the demo program, was getting build errors with the line in main.c... gwinAttachMouse(0). Read elsewhere that was no longer needed, so commented that line and got past the build errors. However, I have not yet figured out how to get access to scrolling the list up/down using my desktop's key
  3. Thanks for your reply. I've also been trying to evaluate UI but having trouble getting anything going with this also. Where might I find info on how to set everything up on a Win10 environment?
  4. Same for me. Any information anyone?
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