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  1. Hi... i have a problem with my project using STM32H743, i use ChibiOS 18.2.0 & UGFX 2.9 .... my problem is when i drawing a picture in LCD, it's broken. i have eliminate SDRAM, then using AXI SRAM. im using LTDC peripheral for LCD, & ili9341 as controller ,the problem look like below....
  2. hai, before it i have done make data aquition with ADC external using SPI DMA... but when i mix it in uGFX, interrupt not show up... anyone can help? this is my code ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #if 1 //DMA1 stream 3 CH_FAST_IRQ_HANDLER(STM32_DMA1_CH3_HANDLER){ CH_IRQ_PROLOGUE(); chSysLockFromISR(); // THIS IS NEVER RUNNING palSetLine(LINE_ARD_D4); palClearLine(LINE_ARD_D4); //TCIF[3:0]: stre
  3. hai, i have same problem with u when i use DMA interrupt to do aquire data ADC external with spi, interrupt doesnt show up. can u tell me step by step?
  4. hai friend... i need big data buffer for processing in stm32f746... i know it has 320kB sram... in discovery it has sdram external, and it use for framebuffer for lcd, how i can use it as memory data buffer? thankz
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