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  1. Just solved my problem. I didn't really understand what invalidating ment. Now I copied the dmaBufferInvalidate() function from chibiOs and use it before reading the data. It works fine this way. Thank you!
  2. So I just tried invalidating the buffer. No data appears in it until the screen updates.
  3. How can I check it? If looking at the array that the dma fills I see only the data from the adc without anything that could be from the screen. If I understand correctly ugfx doesn't use the sdram default and I should manually enable it. Won't it solve my problem?
  4. Just changed from stream 0 to stream 1 and it started working. But now there is a problem that the dma gets the data from adc only when something on the screen updates. Everything else seems to work fine.
  5. Looking into the ltdc drivers I only see the use of dma2d. It is just the dma that halts. The cpu keeps working and even the gui updates fine.
  6. Hello! I can't get the adc to work using dma. The code works perfectly without ugfx initialization. But as soon as I initialize it the dma stops working. I can get a maximum of 1 reading from it. Perhaps it is somewhat related to the GADC module of ugfx? But I didn't enable it in the config... Any suggestions on what could I do?
  7. Thank you for all the help! The issue was the incorrect setting of GFX_CPU and not setting GFX_COMPILER at all. Defining it to GFX_COMPILER_KEIL did the job. This was all found using the handy thread demo. Then I had to change the timeout parameter of geventEventWait() to 10. Now everything works fine.
  8. Hello! I'm pretty new to the ugfx and the microcontroller world in general. I created a project in keil using the wiki guide and copied the gui files from the widgets demo. The only difference is that I'm trying to run barebones/raw32. The gui is showing up perfectly but it doesn't respond to touches My understanding of the problem is that the touch screen is not getting polled. Could the issue be in the pe = geventEventWait(&gl, 0); line of gui.c? Changing the 0 into TIME_INFINITE results in a hard fault. Or did I mess up with the initialization and project setup? It
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