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  1. I have a different (I think) issue with textedit and was just informed there was a related fix 2 months ago. Did you try updating ugfx to the current git version?
  2. Hi Joel, thank you for the quick answer. I actually checked the changelog the other day and did not find that fix. I now updated ugfx and - after fiddling with types and definitions for a while to get it to play nice with my chibios and the STM-HAL I use for the 469-disco-board - I found it doesnt change anything. Once I have time I will try dynamic text. Best, Thomas
  3. Hi everyone, I have been playing around with a ugfx gui for a bit and it has been working well. Now I found the need to rewrite the text of several Textedit-widgets at runtime and ran into some problems: the text is written correctly first, but when I place the cursor in the widget to edit the newly loaded text, an unrelated text shows up. The text which shows up seems to be some buffer garbage, stuff I wrote to labels at some point. I changed the buffer involved in the writing of the textedit (now short_buffer, used for nothing else) and the text is the same (or similar). Is this a bug or am I using the system wrong? I suppose using dynamic text could provide a workaround, but I thought I would ask before trying too many things. I am working with a recent git version of ugfx and Chibios 18.2. Thank you for any help, Thomas The code for writing the textedit: (works fine for labels) // write the desired to text to a buffer using a chibios print function chsnprintf(short_buffer, 8, "%.1f", TCU.CE->T_max); // write buffer to textedit gwinSetText(ghTextedit_max_temperature, short_buffer, FALSE);
  4. With the image dialog I think the remaining issues are - if you already copied the desired image to the resources folder (as I did) it will complain it is already there - if you want to replace the image (as I did multiple times when fiddling with transparency) it will complain it is already there - when it complains it's already there you can only get rid of the dialog by pressing ESC on the keyboard. Not intuitive. I would suggest you - do not try to copy an image to the resources folder when the user points the dialog to that folder - if the user selects an image outside of the resources folder which already exists in the folder ask to overwrite - in that case, give the user a cancel button which closes the dialog (maybe Overwrite? Yes/No/Cancel where only No returns to the dialog) Do you understand what I mean? Unrelated: I think I found a bug with renaming elements. When trying to rename many elements I now several times had the issue that it would not let me edit. Neither double click nor F2 work. After clicking around a bit it works again. Unfortunately I am not sure how to reproduce it or how to reliably stop the behavor... Edit: seems to only occur with many elements on one page. When that is the case selecting can take seconds (from clicking in the list on the left to the GUI selection updating). Clicking many times (in the list) eventually works. Maybe an issue with slow/hanging element selection so the clicks/F2-presses do not get registered right? CPU usage stays normal (very low) throughout.
  5. After using the Studio to design a small GUI I found it to be stable and usable. Very good work, thank you. I did notice some minor bugs: - the image dialog is still a bit fiddly after the last update, as others already reported - the code generator seems to insert special characters as UTF, which arent properly rendered in my eclipse editor and on the display; e.g. ° becomes °. I removed them after code gen, I did not try to see if it is shown properly on the display if UTF support is on - the code gen did not set "gdisp_need_complex_polygon" for the arrow buttons, similar with arc (as reported above) Feature suggestions: - undo/redo would be very helpful (not a bug I presume) - make moving elements by dragging a bit harder (e.g. ignore movements with very short times between mouse press and release). I often moved elements by 1-2 pixels when wanting to select them, very annoying with no undo. - duplication of all elements (pages, backgrounds, sets of buttons etc) would be nice - similarly: multiple editing of elements (e.g. changing style for 5 buttons at once) - a check or warning in the font converter to prevent crashing when using "no filtering" on fonts. I crashed the studio by trying to convert Arial with no char limits - I find right click to edit elements (images, fonts, styles) a bit counter intuitive (maybe use double click to open for these, or have an edit button in the property editor column)
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