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  1. Thanks for reply, will update it at the evening. Should I do replace old files by new from git?
  2. Hi guys, Not so long ago, in free time, I started works with your library. I liked it very much, but since I am not a professional in C, many things seem complicated. Therefore, it is difficult for me to track down bugs. I did video with my bug... Could you help me understand how I can solve it. I took this project as a basis. I attached also main.c and gui.c. Thanks. This problem occurs only once after open window with textedit and keyboard. main.c gui.c
  3. Thanks! Added gwinSliderSendExtendedEvents(ghSlider1, TRUE); That works! Now both sliders working syncronously!
  4. Hi guys! I'm tried do same. I did 2 sliders. I want synchronize realtime slider1 with slider2. But slider2 change position only when I released slider1. uint16_t Slider_Position = 0; GEventGWinSlider * sliderEvent; void guiEventLoop(void) { GEvent* pe; while (1) { // Get an event pe = geventEventWait(&gl, TIME_INFINITE); switch (pe->type) { case GEVENT_GWIN_SLIDER: //Slider_Position = ((GEventGWinSlider *)pe)->position; sliderEvent = (GEventGWinSlider*)pe; gwinSliderSetPosition(ghSlider2,Slider_Position); break; } } }
  5. Hello guys. I'm playing with uGFX library. How I can fill my containers with diffrent background colors? For example I have 3 containers with buttons, labels and progressbars. I want fill container 1 red, container 2 green and container 3 blue color? How I can do i? Thanks.
  6. Hi Joel. Thanks for your library. I'm tried yesterday many demos it seems amazing. Is it possible import these projects to uGFX studio? This would be very useful for beginners. For me also very interesting how I can do similar GUI for my aquarium. But I'm a beginner.
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