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  1. Thanks! I`ll try to update the display as you advise. When is release 3.0 expected?
  2. Thanks for answer. I have my embed library. SPI speed there is much slower than in the project with uGFX. And there are no blinks. Drawing there is different. The text box is drawn completely at the same time - pixels of the symbol color and background color pixels. In uGFX, first the field is drawn with the background color, and then the pixels are drawn with the color of the characters. Therefore, I see "blinking." I can not raise the SPI frequency anymore - this is the maximum for the STM32F103C8. Can I change the drawing method?
  3. Hi to all. Sorry my eanglish, i`m from Ukraine. I was porting uGFX to STM32F103C8T6, but i have a problem. Image is blinking. I use SPI connection. Maybe I'm using the wrong text output function? Why is the entire text field redrawn? Please, help me. Here is a video of what is happening /* * This file is subject to the terms of the GFX License. If a copy of * the license was not distributed with this file, you can obtain one at: * * http://ugfx.io/license.html */ #ifndef _GDISP_LLD_BOARD_H #define _GDISP_LLD_BOARD_H #include "gfx.h" #inclu
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