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[Important] Changes to the API

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We are currently making some changes to the API that may affect some user programs.

Some have occurred already whilst some are still in the pipe-line.

Note these will only affect programs using the current master in the repository. It will not affect "releases" such as the V2.1 release.

The changes that have already occurred are:

  • GEvent's that are sent by GWIN components have had the field containing the GWIN handle renamed to 'gwin'. Eg For GButtonEvent, pe->button has become pe->gwin. All GWIN events now have commonly named (and positioned) members wherever possible.
  • All driver makefiles have been renamed "driver.mk". Although this was the name used by some drivers previously, it is now used for all driver makefiles. You may need to alter the includes for drivers in your project makefile.

The changes that will be happening within the next month (depending on how quickly we get it done) are:

  • The driver infrastructure will be changing to support multiple drivers of any type. Previously multiple displays were the only multiple driver situation allowed. Unfortunately this will change the driver API for most drivers. Any drivers in the repository will be updated but any custom drivers in a users project will require modification when this is released. If you have a driver you would like us to upgrade for you as part of this transition then please send us it now to add to the repository. Note: custom board files will not need to be modified - only custom driver code.
  • As part of the driver structure transition, the current configuration settings for multiple displays will change. If you use multiple displays, you will need to change your gfxconf.h once this change is released.
  • A number of old deprecated API functions that still compile will be removed. In most cases these functions currently produce a compiler warning so you should be aware already if your code currently uses these functions. An example is the old functions for loading images from various sources. These were replaced with functions that use GFILE to load the image some time ago.

For most users these changes should result in little or no changes to their project code. If you have any difficulties with the changes please let us know in the appropriate section of the forum and we will help you where we can.

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