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Test ADS7843 touch driver not working.....


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Hi, all!!!

Use RAW32....

To check the functionality of the touchscreen driver, I used the file \ugfx\demos\tools\touch_raw_readings. I previously implemented the necessary functions inside gmouse_lld_ADS7843_board.h by adding debugging output to the static GFXINLINE gU16 read_value(GMouse* m, gU16 port) procedure. In the debugger terminal I see that data is being read from the touchscreen controller and it is within the required limits (0-4096), but nothing is displayed on the device screen.  I am attaching photos of the IDE screen and the device display. Where am I going wrong and what am I doing wrong?

while(1) {
		pem = (GEventMouse *)geventEventWait(&gl, gDelayForever); //!!!!never get out from this function
		gwinPrintf(ghc, "%u, %u z=%u b=0x%04x\n", pem->x, pem->y, pem->z, pem->buttons & ~GINPUT_MISSED_MOUSE_EVENT); 

		// Always sleep a bit first to enable other events. We actually don't mind missing events.




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