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UGFX + ChibiOS -RT KERNEL >= 5

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Hi There,

I know that there are quite a handful of other topics out there that talk about the same Problem. But somehow, I could not find a solution for me yet.

For a few days I have been trying to get ugfx together with chibios and the STM32F429i to work. But so far nothing worked out for me. I found some older projects that actually worked with older ChibiOS Versions, but for the newer Version i never got it to actually display something.

I use, ChibiOS-version 18.2.1 and I would like to use the up to date ugfx Version that i pulled from there: https://git.ugfx.io/uGFX/uGFX
Then I basically tried to modify this example https://community.ugfx.io/files/file/22-stm32f429i-discovery-with-chibios-using-chibistudio/ to get it to work with the newer ugfx version. It would be nice if someone could share a running minimalistic setup... Otherwise, this is the compiler errors I get when compiling:

In file included from ../ugfx/boards/base/STM32F429i-Discovery/chibios/stm32f429i_discovery_sdram.c:4:0:
../ugfx/boards/base/STM32F429i-Discovery/chibios/stm32f429i_discovery_sdram.h:89:25: error: unknown type name 'gU32'
 void  SDRAM_WriteBuffer(gU32* pBuffer, gU32 uwWriteAddress, gU32 uwBufferSize);

and before that I also receive some warnings:

In file included from ../ugfx/src/gtrans/../../src/gfx.h:148:0,
                 from ../ugfx/src/gtrans/../../gfx.h:7,
                 from ../ugfx/src/gtrans/gtrans.c:9:
../ugfx/src/gtrans/../../src/gdisp/gdisp_rules.h:69:7: warning: "GDISP_HARDWARE_PIXELREAD" is not defined, evaluates to 0 [-Wundef]

Thanks for your help



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