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  1. Oh great! Thanks for advice, so I'll try switch to master. If I find new bugs I'll report them, ofc If you want
  2. Hi, I'm new here so bear with me I use Chibios in my project and I choose µgfx for my project:) Currently I thing I've catched two bugs. Can anyone check this? The latest source: https://bitbucket.org/Tectu/ugfx/src/96 ... ?at=master line 1418 : There is macro: MUTEX_EXIT(); I think there will be MUTEX_EXIT(g); This bug also occurs release 2.0 from official site: http://ugfx.org/images/resources/downlo ... ase-20.zip gdisp.c line 1436. There is only MUTEX_EXIT; macro. Compiler show me error: ../../../../ugfx/src/gdisp/gdisp.c:1436:5: error: 'MUTEX_EXIT' undeclared (first use in this function) ../../../../ugfx/src/gdisp/gdisp.c:1436:5: note: each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears in ofc if I change it to MUTEX_EXIT(g) compiler can compile code. Currently I don't know if it's working but maybe today I code some demo for my project and start it:)
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