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  1. Hi @inmarket, There is no gsprintf function, do you mean sprintf? Even when I use sprintf with gwinPutString, I get the same result. Let me know if this is the solution you had suggested, otherwise I am misunderstanding you.
  2. Hi Joel, attached is the font converter output. It's the DejaVuSans font. I'm pretty sure I used the one that's included in the ugfx source. I converted it with anti aliasing and a custom range to include accented characters used in French and the degree symbol. This same font is displaying accented characters fine in label widgets, but not in our console widget. Thanks for looking into this. DejaVuSans20_aa_c.c
  3. Still looking if there's a solution for this
  4. @inmarket Sorry to bother you again, just wondering if you had the chance to look at this yet.
  5. @inmarket are you able to reproduce this?
  6. Hi @inmarket, I get the same result as before with this code: char* accented = "é"; gwinSetText(ghTitleLbl, accented, gTrue); // works, sets text to "é" gwinPrintf(ghConsole, accented); // doesn't work, prints "é"
  7. Maybe there's a note about this somewhere, but when gwinPrintf-ing accented characters from my custom font to a console, they don't render correctly. gwinSetText works fine for labels. So for example, gwinSetText(ghLabel, "é", gFalse); // works gwinPrintf(ghConsole, "é"); // doesn't work, prints "é" Is there a way to make this work using the console widget? Thanks
  8. After more investigation it seems the FT6x06_TOUCH_POINTS register on my display is initialized to 0xFF instead of 0x00 as on the datasheet. I have modified the touch check to see if the number of touch points is valid (1 or 2)
  9. I'm using the FT6x06 driver. I discovered that when I log the coordinates read in `read_xyz`, when the app starts it detects a touch but the coordinates are x=4095 and y=-1, which don't make sense to me. I could modify the driver to check for this but perhaps it points to a problem elsewhere?
  10. Thanks Joel, ginputGetMouseStatus works great. However, for some reason when I first start my app, it reports that the touchscreen is pressed, until I tap it with my finger. Do you know why this would happen?
  11. Hey there, I am wondering how I can detect any touch event, not just when touching a "pressable" widget. My goal is to turn the screen off after x seconds with no user input, then once the user touches the screen again, for it to turn back on. My event code follows the code samples closely: // Init event listener geventListenerInit(&gl); gwinAttachListener(&gl); // ... GEvent* pe = geventEventWait(&gl, gDelayNone); if (pe != NULL) { log_debug("ui/main", "want this to log on any touch\n"); switch (pe->type) { ...
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