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  1. Yeah your right. Anyway thank you for your help. I know there is something wrong in the path but I'm getting exactly I'm going wrong. Moreover I have pulled these code from repository. These weren't coded by me. I believe as importing so many codes from repository into the single project I'm facing this issue.
  2. No the start up file is one using is generated by itself when we create the project, I'm not using the wrong one
  3. This is how my include directory looks like. Just like eclipse. I have included the path, can you tell where exactly -l directives can be found here?
  4. Hello, I am new atollic truestudio. I am facing the above mentioned error despite the file being in that directory. I have attached the image for your reference. The strange thing is after I again rebuild the project, the error will occur in some other file. I have attached another image after rebuilding the project. Every time build it the error changes. I never faced this kind of issue. I'm stuck with this issue it would be great help for me if anyone is able resolve it. Thank you
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