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  1. So it seems the very basic system is working but nothing else. I have the config file setup correctly and I can draw shapes, etc on the screen. Making a call to the below causes a core panic. //with defines #define textColor HTML2COLOR(0x001f2b) font_t font = gdispOpenFont("UI2"); //in setup gdispGDrawString(0,20,20,"TEST",font,textColor); //These work in setup gdispFillArea(0, 0, 320, 240, mainBackground); gdispFillArea(0, 0, 320, 40, menuActive); gdispDrawLine(0,40,320,40, menuOutline); Also trying to use the GWIN module needs the GINPUT module and that fails. I'm far from figuring that out but it's only worth the effort if I can get the text to draw. Maybe I have a false understanding of uGFX. I would like to make some widgets on the screen that I can move and update from code. I'd like to handle the navigation on my own and be able to highlight areas, etc. Why do I require GINPUT to use GWIN?
  2. Is there a way to use the SPI for another use through the CS pin?
  3. Hi, I was able to get this working (on VSPI, since thats what mine is hardwired to) by adding SPIClass SPI2(VSPI); I then changed all SPI to SPI2 and all HSPI to VSPI. File attached incase this helps anyone else. board_ILI9341.cpp
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