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  1. Hi @inmarket i found the problem ! I didn't define the heap size in gfxconf.h, hence the invalid adressing and values of the GDISP variable. I defined it as 8192 and it woks like a charm ! I suspect i didn't allocate enough stack either to the thread so that's all fixed now. Thanks again for your time and for the library ! Cheers, Arthur
  2. Oh and is it normal that the GDriver* driverchain returns an unlimited amount of instances ? Cheers
  3. Hi again @inmarket and thanks for taking the time, Thanks for the direction, i'll look into it. I'm not that familiar with makefiles as a whole i'm quite a newbie in C development. Good reason to learn then ! So do you know if the initialized display driver has its own instance of GDisplay type or is it stored in the GDISP variable anyway ? Thank you again cheers, Arthur
  4. Update : these are the values of the GDISP default variable (which i find really odd and i ca't change them whatsoever, including void* board and void* priv):
  5. Hi @inmarket and thank you for the swift reply, I rolled back the changes made to the gdisp_options.h file after posting my message. I followed the wiki using Eclipse at this link and went through the whole process but include paths look like i got everything (see linked image). I used the single file inclusion, do you think i should consider using the makefile approach ? I'm a bit kinky about what ST is doing with its compiler in SW4STM32. Thanks again for your time, Arthur
  6. Hi, I'm currently tryying to implement an ILI9341 using an STM32F429, HAL, cmsis_os2 and uGFX, programming in SW4STM32. As i'm working in an RT environment, i declared gfxInit() in the very first task running, which terminates itself after running. Everything compiles fine but thta's during debug that things go south, let me explain. From peripheral inits to kernel strating, everything's fine. In debug mode in gfxInit(), it goes through to _gdispInit() and then gDriverRegister() as intended. But eventhough i changed GDISP_TOTAL_DISPLAYS to 1 instead of 2 by default and defining
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