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  1. Hi inmarket, I've tried your idea, but the issue with it is that I'd like to have a Button Release event. I need to know both when it's initially pressed and when it's finally release based on events rather than polling. The checkbox does give me an event when I press but doesn't seem to issue any events when it's released. The functional requirement is like this: Person presses a screen button and that triggers an output function. Whilst the button is still pressed the output continues. The person releases the button and the output stops. If this is done with
  2. I'm looking for the correct way to add an event similar to GEVENT_GWIN_BUTTON for standard gwinButtonCreate() type buttons triggered from a touchscreen or possibly any input. The purpose is to create a type of latched state that is released by the normal GEVENT_GWIN_BUTTON. This way I can immediately respond to a button press, set an output to a state and hold that state until the button which in this case is a touchscreen is released and thus debounced by the uGFX button state management. I've attempted to create an event by using the customDraw (callout) parameter to capture the
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