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  1. Thank! This is tested and works for me. Maybe I didn’t figure it out completely and something needs to be rewritten or added. I will be waiting for your comments. forum_ugfx_otm8009a.zip
  2. To develop the community, I propose to create a channel in a https://telegram.org/ . This would enable the project participants to communicate quickly.
  3. As a novice programmer, it was hard for me to figure out how to write a driver. As a result, I managed to write a driver and my display came to life with new colors. Now I will take the time to put the driver code in order and implement additional functions. I would also like to share the driver for this display. What is the best way to do this? Thanks for the great graphics library!
  4. Hello! Hello! I want to write my display driver for uGFX My display on the microcontroller otm8009a is connected via a 16 bit parallel bus to stm32f407ve via FSMC. Using the cube, I generated the FSMC initialization code. I have addresses in the memory of the microcontroller: #define LCD_REG 0x60000000 #define LCD_DATA 0x6007FFFE I wrote the initialization of the display controller and in the end I have a working functions like: void LCD_DrawPoint(uint16_t x, uint16_t y, uint16_t color) //color in RGB565 { LCD_SetWindows(x, y, x, y); LCD_DATA = Color; }
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