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  1. Thanks for your response Inmarket but I do not understand your response ? If I want to try the minimum set of modules (I assume uGFX) "to turn on is GDISP using the RAW32 or Arduino version of GOS" not sure what you mean ? and assume the gfxconf.h file contains all the necessary features available to be enabled or disabled ? Thanks HBer
  2. Hello - I am wanting to evaluate uGFX library with the least amount of effort as this is a afterthought for a project. All I have is a 128 x 64 monochrome LCD display that I would like to write some text and maybe draw a simple box or two. What is the least I need to add to the project in files ( I am very limited on memory already) to get a simple display up and running and what function would I need to write or is called that would write the pixels. There is NO OS but have access to timers etc on micro controller. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks HBer
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