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  1. I want to give uGFX a try and integrate it into my existing cubeMX Makefile Project. (Bare Metal, no OS, no special tool-chain). As I understand, I have to do following steps: 1) Download the GFX Library - done 2) Edit the gfxconf.h: #define GFX_USE_OS_RAW32 GFXON - done 3) Edit the Makefile which cubeMX generated. Correct? Set the GFXLIB variable to the path pointing to the µGFX library root directory Include the main µGFX Makefile (/ugfx/gfx.mk) Add GFXSRC to the sources variable/list Add GFXINC to the include paths variable/list Include additional Makefiles of the µGFX library to include board files, drivers, ... How do I do this and where in the cubemx generated Makefile? Is there an example somewhere? This would be awesome and save lots of time 🙂
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