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  1. We managed to pack the arrays and structures of the c font file in a binary form. We are also able to load and unload such "binary" fonts into uGFX during runtime. My question is: how can we distinguish if the binary data in the font file is a RLE or a BW one based on the properties in struct mf_font_s? I assume that if the flags value is 2 (MF_FONT_FLAG_BW), then the file is a BW. RLE has flags value set to 0. Is this correct?
  2. gdispImageOpen_BMP() functions uses up to 36 bytes of allocated buffer in priv->buf. Default allocated length of priv->buf is defined by GDISP_IMAGE_BMP_BLIT_BUFFER_SIZE which is only 32 bytes. By default this causes a buffer overflow,. Please increase default value of GDISP_IMAGE_BMP_BLIT_BUFFER_SIZE to 36.
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