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  1. Hi, I am using uGFX on Raspberry Pi for displaying graphics on RA8875 based display. Raspberry Pi communicates with display using 4-wire SPI. I am porting the gdisp_lld_blit_area() driver API using BTE (block transfer engine) available in RA8875. I am using write-BTE operation mode with ROP (raster operation) as destination = source. Here is my sample code with this post. screenshots of expected and actual output is also attached. any suggestions/recommendations would be helpful. #if 1//GDISP_HARDWARE_BITFILLS || defined(__DOXYGEN__) // macros #define RA8875_MRWC 0x02 #define RA8875_BECR0 0x50 #define RA8875_BECR1 0x51 #define RA8875_HDBE0 0x58 #define RA8875_HDBE1 0x59 #define RA8875_VDBE0 0x5A #define RA8875_VDBE1 0x5B #define RA8875_BEWR0 0x5C #define RA8875_BEWR1 0x5D #define RA8875_BEHR0 0x5E #define RA8875_BEHR1 0x5F #define RA8875_BGCR0 0x60 // = red, next 2 are green and blue #define RA8875_FGCR0 0x63 // = red, next 2 are green and blue #define RA8875_MWCR0 0x40 #define RA8875_MWCR0_GFXMODE 0x00 #define RA8875_MWCR0_TXTMODE 0x80 #define RA8875_MWCR1 0x41 #define RA8875_CURH0 0x46 #define RA8875_CURH1 0x47 #define RA8875_CURV0 0x48 #define RA8875_CURV1 0x49 /** * @brief Function to draw bitmap * @pre GDISP_HARDWARE_BITFILLS is GFXON * * @param[in] g The driver structure * @param[in] destX,destY The area position * @param[in] width,height The area size i.e. width and height * @param[in] fgColor The foreground color * @param[in] bgColor The background color * @param[in] bits The pointer to the bitmap * * @note The parameter variables must not be altered by the driver. */ static GFXINLINE void drawBitmap(GDisplay *g, gI16 destX, gI16 destY, gI16 width, gI16 height, gU16 fgColor, gU16 bgColor, gU8* bits) { // locals gI32 h = 0, w = 0; gU8 temp = 0, tempbkp = 0; static gU32 cnt = 0; /*printf("\ndraw bitmap: x=%d y=%d w=%d h=%d " "x1=%d y1=%d x2=%d y2=%d " "fg=%x bg=%x cnt=%d", destX, destY, width, height, g->p.x1, g->p.y1, g->p.x2, g->p.y2, fgColor, bgColor, ++cnt); */ // always enter graphics mode for BTE operations write_index(g, RA8875_MWCR0); temp = (gU8)read_data(g); tempbkp = temp; temp &= ~RA8875_MWCR0_TXTMODE; write_data(g, temp); // set destination, width and height write_reg16(g, RA8875_HDBE0, destX); write_reg16(g, RA8875_VDBE0, destY); write_reg16(g, RA8875_BEWR0, width); // image width write_reg16(g, RA8875_BEHR0, height); // image height // set colors writeColorReg(g, RA8875_BGCR0, bgColor); writeColorReg(g, RA8875_FGCR0, fgColor); // set cursor position write_reg16(g, RA8875_CURH0, destX); write_reg16(g, RA8875_CURV0, destY); // BTE operation mode // Bits [3:0] 1000b is color expansion 0000b is write-BTE // Bits [7:4] 0111b is start bit position for color expansion // Bits [7:4] 1100b is S=D for write-BTE //write_reg8(g, RA8875_BECR1, (0x07 << 4) | 0x08); // start bit = 7, operation = Color Expansion write_reg8(g, RA8875_BECR1, 0xC0); // write-BTE with ROP as S=D // draw in block mode 0x80, in linear mode 0xE0 write_reg8(g, RA8875_BECR0, 0x80); // begin operation // write command write_index(g, RA8875_MRWC); // write data for (h = 0; h < height; h++) { //printf("\nh=%d -- ", h); for (w = 0; w < width; w += 1) { //printf("%u ", *bits); //usleep(1000); write_data(g, *bits++); } } // set text mode NOTE: this may not be needed to write_index(g, RA8875_MWCR0); //tempbkp = (gU8)read_data(g); //tempbkp |= RA8875_MWCR0_TXTMODE; // Set bit 7 write_data(g, tempbkp); //return from function return; } /** * @brief Fill an area using a bitmap * @pre GDISP_HARDWARE_BITFILLS is GFXON * * @param[in] g The driver structure * @param[in] g->p.x,g->p.y The area position * @param[in] g->p.cx,g->p.cy The area size * @param[in] g->p.x1,g->p.y1 The starting position in the bitmap * @param[in] g->p.x2 The width of a bitmap line * @param[in] g->p.ptr The pointer to the bitmap * * @note The parameter variables must not be altered by the driver. */ LLDSPEC void gdisp_lld_blit_area(GDisplay *g) { if((void *)0 == g) { //invalid pointer, return from function return; } // draw the bitmap // 0xFFFF is white // 0x0000 is black drawBitmap(g, g->p.x, g->p.y, g->p.cx*2, g->p.cy, g->p.color, 0x0000, g->p.ptr); //return from function return; } #endif /* use BLIT */ expected-output.bmp blit.c
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