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    There is one more problem left. I do not remember why the compiler swears at this command.
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    But if I disconnect GDISP module, I will have even more errors. And the error associated with clocking does not disappear. Maybe I'm not initializing it there? main.c
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    Here is my configuration file. Thank you, did not expect such a quick response. I also connected the driver as indicated in the instructions. gfxconf.h
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    Hi. I'm trying to use your library in my project. I have a Nucleo F401RE board and a display ILI9341 (SPI connection). After integrating the library into a project, I have many errors. And I, as a novice programmer, do not quite understand what they are connected with. The instructions downloaded that I have to read those impulses using these functions. But I have a mistake that I can no longer fix.
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    ILI9341 SPI stm32f103

    Please help set up the project at this stage. I do not quite understand where the initialized functions should be and what should be in them. I use nucleo F401RE it with the same display.