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  1. I have two frames widget in my project and created a customize widget for Horizontal Menu. I need to destroy previous frame at switching between them and create the new second frame in each toggle event. when I call gwinDestroy for first frame, I will miss events of "Horizontal Menu" in second frame. I traced uGFX functions and realize that by calling gwinDestroy, uGFX will call doExitEvent from the deleteAssignments and set "flags" field of widget GListener to GLISTENER_WITHLISTENER. Then when new Frame created and toggle button attached to its child (Horizontal Menu), my program will miss widget events because of GLISTENER_WITHLISTENER flag. For ensuring about it, I commented line 34 of https://git.ugfx.io/uGFX/uGFX/src/master/src/gevent/gevent.c temporary and then second frame toggle event works well as first one. My question is how can i reset GListener->flags of widgets to zero (or flags&=~GLISTENER_WITHLISTENER), after calling gwinDestroy?
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